This is the very first blog post on this new portfolio website. The idea is that I plan to showcase projects that I’ve worked on, like hackathon ideas or even just pieces of coursework I’m particularly proud of.

This website has been built using Jekyll, which is a static site generator, that is very customisable. It also utilises SASS quite nicely, so I could use variables and other more conventional programming paradigms, and then compile it down to raw CSS.

I’m also using GitHub Pages to host my website, which is my main motivator for wanting to use a static site generator. In the past I have experience with using Pelican, which is a Python based static generator. After using Pelican, I quickly learnt that I wanted to be able to customise my website further.

This is why I chose Jekyll as my static site generator. My further plans for this website include a possible integration between my Medium blog and this blog, so both would appear in the same place and to tidy up the CSS a bit.

(Disclaimer: I’m not a front-end developer, so sorry if my sense of design is disorientating).